When single women look at the cost of a health insurance quote they often wonder why they are paying so much money on these health insurance quotes. The fact of the matter is they may not have to. There are over 17 million women in the United States today who do not have health insurance; these are staggering numbers. When you go to percentages things look just as bleak for the single woman. Approximately 25% of single women (18-64 years old) do not have health insurance. This is compared to 15% of married women in the same age bracket. The reason for this is simple, many may be unemployed and in many cases the married woman may be covered by her spouse's policy if she loses her job. The same safety net does not exist for the single female. When you cannot make ends meet, one thing people give up on is health insurance. But if need ever arises it is the uninsured who truly suffer.

One of the big issues is how much women pay for health insurance. In many cases they pay even more than a male contemporary. The reasons for this are things like: breast cancer, maternity leave and maternity payments, results of domestic violence abuse and complications from Cesarean section. All of these things can raise the average price of women's health insurance quotes to sometimes 40% more than a contemporary man's health insurance quote. This puts a single woman in a predicament; she is often paying excessively higher premiums for health insurance quotes without needing many of extra services that married women receive from the higher premiums. It is possible she may never need a Cesarean section, need maternity leave or maternity payments or have to risk spousal abuse. Yet in most health insurance quotes she is still paying a high premium for these protections.

Things like breast cancer and other serious illness or catastrophic accidents are still very reasonable concerns so simply discontinuing health care all together should not be a viable option. Fortunately there are alternatives to the issue of rising health insurance quotes for single women.

For many single women it may be prudent for them to work with an insurance broker about excluding certain aspects of a woman's policy from their health insurance quotes. Why pay for maternity leave coverage if you are neither married nor plan on having children? Dealing directly with the brokers like this has never been easier; because of the Internet a woman can easily get health insurance quotes that are related only to the issues she wishes to cover.

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