Most people think finding affordable health insurance is easy if they work for a company that offers group health insurance rates. However, finding affordable health insurance in today's economy is challenging whether a customer is looking for an employer sponsored plan or an individual plan. Because finding cost-effective insurance is so challenging, many people feel they need an insurance agent to make headway. However, this is not the case. In fact, some health insurance agents just complicate matters by suggesting policies that are expensive and use an unfamiliar health provider. Individuals can find affordable health insurance without an agent by comparing health insurance quotes and doing their own research. Although the process is never easy and is always time consuming, consumers may find that buying health insurance without an agent is actually easier and more rewarding than having an agent do all the work.

The first step to buying health insurance without an insurance agent is getting an online comparable quote. Comparable quotes list the prices and features of insurance companies side-by-side so it is easier for consumers to determine which companies may be the best for them. Online comparable insurance quotes can usually be obtained in just a few minutes for free from insurance information websites. One of the benefits of getting the quote without an agent is the fact that consumers get to see all of the companies available to them, not just the ones their agents think are best. This way, consumers can know all of their options, and this might even lead them to make a good decision that they would have otherwise never made.

After getting an online comparable quote, it is time to do research. This is the time-consuming part of the process, but it is worth it. To do research on insurance companies, consumers must call the company and/or visit its website. Calling or chatting with a customer service representative is always a good idea, since information on the website might not be accurate or might be out of date. In addition, information on an insurance company's website is often hard to understand. Some of the questions consumers should ask during the research process include questions about the cost of the policy and whether the quote you were provided was accurate, questions about the health providers they can use and questions about coverage for certain ailments or procedures.

Although finding affordable health insurance without an agent is time consuming, it is worth it. Instead of trusting an agent to ask the questions the consumer would ask, the consumer can ask those questions on their own, ensuring that you get the policy that is right for them.

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