With the rising costs of health insurance rates and prescription drugs many people look for ways to save money. One way to do this is to opt for generic prescription drugs rather than brand name counterparts.

It is hard to deny the money that can be saved by using generic prescriptions rather than a brand name counterpart. In fact, the savings can be so significant that many insurers build provisions into the coverage available in their health insurance policies in order to encourage the use of generics, and some will not cover brand names at all unless a physician offers a very good reason why the generic version of the drug will not suffice as part of the treatment.

For most people, the use of generic prescription drugs is not much of an issue as they are able to get an adequate benefit from the generic version of their prescription. Generics represent the bio-equivalent of prescriptions whose patent has expired, and by getting generics patients can fight rising costs that come from paying for extensive research and complex advertising campaigns. Pharmacies also compete based on the usage of generic drugs and many use low prices as a way to draw customers in.

But being limited to generic prescriptions only does have its share of drawbacks. Sometimes dosing isn't completely consistent, and sometimes an equivalent drug isn't available in a generic version. In these cases a brand name drug will need special approval before it can be prescribed. New drugs in particular may be not as readily prescribed even if they are the better choice because a generic version is not available. There are also times when non-active ingredients in some generic prescriptions can slow down absorption rates and may make them less effective.

Of course, having generics available has done wonders to offset the rising costs of healthcare overall, and for many people it has meant that they can afford their food and their medication, rather than being forced to choose between the two. And although generics aren't foolproof, they are approved by the FDA to be comparable to their counterparts.

For those looking at different health insurance rates, a great deal on generic prescriptions can be very tempting, especially if they are already accustomed to taking generic drugs and have not have a problem with them. However, freedom of choice is often well worth paying for, and while it is easy to get tempted by lower health insurance rates it's important to weigh all factors before ultimately making a decision on coverage. The rising costs of health care are fought by having the right coverage as well getting lower health insurance rates.

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