For many people, investigating health insurance plans is a taxing event. But because of the rising costs in health care, many are looking for online quotes to try to make sense of their options, save money and find quality health care coverage. One proposed and somewhat controversial option is to have everyone pay into a single payer health care system.

Many people are in favor of a single payer healthcare system because it would allow for the vast majority of people to obtain health insurance, including many people who are currently without coverage. Since there would be one system, the administrative staff and hospitals would experience more clear cut processing of forms and other paperwork because everyone would have the same insurance.

Under a single payer system, those who struggle financially would struggle less with the rising costs of health care because what they pay would be based on what they could afford, but they wouldn't have to have minimal care because of their financial situation and weed through health insurance plans that may not offer coverage for everything they need.

In some cases, under single payer health insurance plans, doctors are not paid as much as they are under multiple insurer systems; however, if their patients take on lifestyle changes that will help combat the rising costs of health care, many can get bonuses not unlike what professionals get in other fields when they find money saving ways to do their job.

The big disadvantage for a lot of people is the fact that a single payer system is centered around the government, and many simply do not want the government to have that much control over something as personal as their health care. Many people have experienced pushback from health insurance plans in the past when it comes to paying for some procedures they have felt were important to their overall health care. A single payer system would eliminate competition, and would not give them the option to seek care somewhere else if this were to occur.

Another thing that many people do not like is that a single payer health care system is funded through taxes, which leads many to believe that their tax dollars are being spent in order to support the unhealthy choices of others; however, health insurance premiums often have the same consequences, with the cost simply being paid as premiums instead of taxes.

Like anything, a single payer health care system is more beneficial to some people than it is to others. Those who have been paying a high portion of their income towards health insurance plans, or have been without coverage, will likely see it as a welcome change.

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