Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance is designed to provide financial coverage for a single individual. Whether you are single or are not covered under your partner’s health insurance policy for one reason or another an individual health insurance policy is most likely the best solution. This is especially useful for individuals who are self employed or whose employer either does not offer health insurance or the policy does not meet their needs. Fortunately, has made the process of finding individual health insurance policies easier than ever before.

Can I be denied individual health insurance coverage?

Like all other types of health insurance, whether it is from an employer or through an organization such as the one for freelancers or actors, all insurance companies have the right to refuse coverage depending on the health of the individual as well as other factors, such as an individual’s credit history. Even if coverage is not denied, they may be required to pay higher monthly premiums and deductibles so make an effort to stay healthy both physically and financially.

What is short term health insurance?

For many people, they may only need individual health insurance coverage while they are in a transitional period of their lives. This period of their lives may include the time after they have left college and are no longer covered under their parents’ health insurance policy or after transitioning from one job to another. For times like this short term health insurance coverage is available. While usually more expensive than a traditional individual health insurance policy, short term policies are great when you only need health insurance coverage until another policy goes into effect and can be purchased for a predetermined amount of time, such as six months or a year.

Student Health Insurance

Designed for college students, many health insurance providers offer individual student health insurance policies that will help pay medical expenses while you are attending a university. To qualify for a student health insurance policy the student must meet the full time requirements for the college they are attending and be registered for at least 9 full credit hours. Individual health insurance plans for students are a great solution when their family’s health insurance policy will not cover them and are usually very affordable when the student meets the study and age requirements for the program.

It doesn’t matter what type of individual health insurance plan you need, can help you find a policy that is affordable and reliable. Simply fill out our secure and confidential questionnaire and we will return with multiple individual health insurance quotes so you can choose the health insurance policy that best meets your needs and your budget.

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